The fantasy of the clean-water fairy


By Stephen T. Smith
It is fantasy thinking to pretend that Jordan Lake will somehow clean itself up if the General Assembly repeals upstream pollution controls as proposed in Senate Bill 515, which the N.C. Senate passed last week.
Jordan Lake provides drinking water to the growing cities of Cary, Apex and Morrisville, as well as to Western Wake and Chatham counties. In addition to serving as a crucial water supply, Jordan Lake is a major North Carolina asset for fish and wildlife conservation and for a wide range of recreation activities easily accessible to several million North Carolina citizens, taxpayers and voters.
But the article concludes with:
It took a long time for the water-quality problems of Jordan Lake to develop, and common sense and good science tell us it will take a long time for the solutions to be effective. Further study is not only unnecessary but a waste of time, allowing the water of Jordan Lake, crucial to and enjoyed by so many North Carolinians, to drift back into the serious problems we hoped and believed were behind us.
There are no silver bullets here, no magic wands and no clean-water good fairy. Thinking otherwise is a sad and dangerous fantasy that will leave a large segment of North Carolina’s population with dirty water and a beautiful, useful lake spoiled.
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