NC House Passes Fracking Legislation, Sends Measure to the Senate


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June 14, 2012
NC House Passes Fracking Legislation, Sends Measure to the Senate
Concerns Unabated as Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk
RALEIGH, NC -  The legislature continued its relentless drive to allow fracking in North Carolina with today’s House vote to approve  SB 820. Today’s vote came despite numerous reasonable concerns about moving too fast and potential damage to communities, the environment and landowners.  Questions about whether or not our state’s geology puts us at greater risk of drinking water contamination remain  unanswered.
Without allocating any funding to the effort, the bill directs the state to develop a massive new oil and gas regulatory infrastructure, but ignores DENR’s recommendation that more studies are needed to determine if fracking can be done safely in NC, given the state’s unique geology. In central NC, gas deposits are close to the water aquifers which makes groundwater more vulnerable to contamination from chemicals used in the fracking process. 
“Unfortunately, the legislature seems committed to moving forward with fracking without getting essential questions answered about the potential impact on our water resources,” said Molly Diggins, state director of the NC Sierra Club.  “There’s too much at stake to make a risky bet like this. The public deserves better.”
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