N.C. Senate approves two major environmental repeals

By Chris Kardish The Associated Press  Thursday, May 16, 2013

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Senate passed two major environmental rollbacks Wednesday ahead of a deadline over objections from Democratic lawmakers.
The bills would repeal rules for managing pollutants in Jordan Lake and a host of restrictions on new jetties along the coast that critics say can shift damage to neighboring properties. Bills that don't require tax changes or spending and fail to clear at least one chamber by Thursday night are essentially dead through the end of the session in 2014.
The Jordan Lake bill would repeal a set of rules for local governments along the 1,686 square mile reservoir that took effect in 2009 as well as all related laws. Many of those rules for curbing harmful nutrients in the lake have been delayed by the legislature since and have drawn criticism for their cost and potential effect on development.
The lake, which includes parts of 10 counties in the Piedmont region, was created 30 years ago to provide flood control and water supply. But it has struggled from the outset with high nutrient levels that cause harmful algae buildup.
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