Offshore Wind Findings Highlight Potential for Economic Growth


For Immediate Release

February 8, 2011


Offshore Wind Findings in Panel’s Report Highlight Potential for Economic Growth for North Carolina

RALEIGH - The report released today by Governor Perdue’s Scientific Advisory Panel on Offshore Energy found that:

“NC has the largest offshore wind resource on the East Coast;” and,


“The offshore-wind industry may offer significant opportunities for renewable energy generation and for economic development and job creation.  North Carolina’s extensive coastline and large offshore-wind resource appear to make it a prime area for offshore-wind development.”  (p. 109) - Click here to read the full report.

Upon reading the report, Will Morgan, Director of Government Relations for the NC Sierra Club said, "Governor Perdue recognizes that North Carolina has the opportunity to harness our abundant offshore wind resource to generate the electricity we need to power our homes and our businesses, while protecting the air, water, and natural beauty that our state a place we are proud to call home."


This report confirms what has been found in other studies done by UNC-Chapel Hill and the Energy Policy Council. Offshore wind can give our state the opportunity to meet its own energy needs without relying on dirty energy like coal and oil.  


"We look forward to working with the legislature to make the possibility of thousands of jobs and the clean, renewable energy the offshore wind industry would bring to our state a reality," added Morgan. “It’s becoming clear that offshore wind is a better option than drilling off our coast.”

Click here to view the UNC-Chapel-Hill report.  

Click here to view the Energy Policy Council’s findings.




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