Offshore Wind Forum Opens Dialogue for Clean Coastal Energy

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February 6, 2012
Offshore Wind Forum Opens Dialogue for Clean Coastal Energy in North Carolina
Carteret Community College Forum Brings Academics, Business Interests, and the Public Together
MOREHEAD CITY -  Carteret Community College will be the third educational institution in the state to host a community forum addressing the potential for offshore wind development in North Carolina.  Other forums have been held at UNC Wilmington and UNC Chapel-Hill.  Investment in offshore wind will generate local, renewable energy and create jobs.
The forum is intended to highlight North Carolina’s unique coastal wind resources.  Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and National Energy Resources Laboratory have shown that North Carolina has the best offshore wind resources on the East coast.
Presentations from business leaders, academic experts, and government officials will begin the conversation regarding how coastal communities can move forward in attracting the jobs and economic investment that offshore wind energy has to offer.
“It’s becoming clear that North Carolina has a choice to make regarding energy off our coast ,” said Steve Benbow, Morehead City resident and Sierra Club member. “This forum is about letting people know that offshore wind allows us to generate clean, domestic energy is a responsible way that won’t harm our coast or wildlife. We want people to start talking about the energy challenges we face and the solutions we can create together.”
Panelists include:   Dr. Pete Peterson, Professor of Marine Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill; Brian O'Hara, President of the Offshore Wind Coalition; Jen Banks, Project Coordinator for the NC Solar Center; Kristian Bergman, Cabling Business Development Manager for ABB, Inc.; and, Glenn Carlson, Chief Officer for Business & Economic Development at NC Ports Authority.
WHERE:            Joslyn Hall at Carteret Community College, 3505 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC
WHEN:               February 7, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
North Carolina has the best offshore wind resources on the East Coast according to reports from the UNC-Chapel Hill and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  To make sure North Carolina best uses its unique opportunity to become a leader in clean energy, Governor Perdue established the Offshore Wind Economic Development Task Force when she issued Executive Order 96 in June 2011.
In her Executive Order, the Governor stated, “…the offshore wind industry presents North Carolina with an opportunity to build a new industry by attracting major new manufacturing facilities which will establish a robust export market, and create jobs.”  You can read the full order here.
For more information about Offshore Wind in North Carolina, please visit   For more information about the forum, please contact Carina Barnett-Loro at
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