Press Release: Partisan Politics Takes Priority Over Process in Senate Rules Committee


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February 5, 2013

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Partisan Politics Takes Priority Over Process in Senate Rules Committee

Senate Bill 10 Removes Sitting Members of Numerous Boards and Commissions

Raleigh - Today the Senate Rules Committee adopted a Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS) for SB 10, Government Reorganization and Efficiency Act. The PCS would immediately upon ratification expel sitting members several boards and commissions including the Environmental Management Commission, the Utilities Commission, the Coastal Resources Commission, and many others.  After the members of the selected bodies are removed, they would be replaced by appointment by the legislature and the Governor.

"This is an unwarranted and ruthless attack on environmental boards and commissions whose job it is to serve the public,” said Molly Diggins, state director of the NC Sierra Club. “Removing current members will create a vacuum of institutional memory and expertise, and will deprive the public of proper functioning government.

“This measure places hyper-partisan politics over the orderly conduct of the public’s business,” she said.   “Given the fact that many of these positions would be up for re-appointment in the coming months makes this effort highly unnecessary.” 

Many of these bodies are tasked with developing and maintaining safeguards for North Carolinians.  “The public will pay the price  for upending the smooth and orderly transition of appointments.  Well-functioning commissions are essential to  ensuring proper protections for our air and water,” added Diggins.

“We call on Governor McCrory to uphold the orderly transition already in current law that respects the public’s business,” added Diggins.  






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