Solarbee's not the answer for Jordan Lake

Karen Rindge, the executive director of WakeUP Wake County, covered what state leaders should be doing to clean up Jordan Lake and why water mixers called 'Solarbees' aren't the answer.  In her column pu blished in the Raleigh News & Observer, Rindge wrote:
"State leaders should be trying to clean up polluted Jordan Lake as fast as possible. Instead, they have chosen to allow pollution to mount and to award a no-bid contract to a company for installing a product that won’t clean up our drinking water. Especially troubling is that legislators actually voted to delay the clean-up plan already agreed to by Triangle and Triad municipalities, as well as developers, citizen groups and the state."
Rindge also hits the nail on the head when covering why the lake is in trouble in the first place when she writes:
"Let’s remember why we have the Jordan Lake clean-up rules in the first place. Jordan has been rated as impaired for many years because its water quality is seriously degraded. Swimmers are warned to wash afterward, and wildlife suffer from lack of oxygen and toxins. The federal government has required the state to develop a plan to reduce pollution at its source, in accordance with the Clean Water Act. The source of the problem is not Jordan Lake, but the wastewater treatment and uncontrolled development upstream of the lake."
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