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Editorial - Asheville Citizen-Times - If the N.C. General Assembly wants to establish itself as the most business unfriendly, anti-jobs and anti-growth legislature in the nation and in the history of this state, it will pass the recently filed bill oxymoronically titled the Affordable and Reliable Energy Act. It is anything but. It might better be titled the “Job Killing, Anti-Growth and Keep NC Dependent on Arab Oil Act.”
North Carolina’s very successful renewable energy standard isn’t some wacky radical conspiracy. It is a cost-effective, job-building, energy-independence program that is working and has broad support, particularly from those in the energy producing-sector, most notably Duke Energy. In fact, in 2011, when the N.C. Energy Policy Council approved its unanimous recommendation to the General Assembly, it was George Everett of Duke Energy who made the motion that the council make clear that continued support of the standard was critical to the state’s energy sector and economic development...
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