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Legislature Seeks to Repeal Solid Waste Standards

By: Jack Tarpey Solid waste and landfills are back up for debate in North Carolina, as the legislature considers Senate Bill 328, “Solid Waste Management Act of 2013.” This bill is a sweeping reform of North Carolina’s solid waste management laws that puts landfills first, over citizens and protection of natural resources. Moreover, the bill opposes the recent trends we have seen of North Carolina’s reduced use of and need for landfills. This appears to be yet another example of our legislature taking steps in the wrong direction for the state, attempting to move backwards on years of study and analysis of how to deal with an issue.

Oil and agriculture tense over fracking in California

By: Jack Tarpey Hydraulic fracturing in California was recently written up in the New York Times, focusing on the ties between the oil industry and agriculture. The article discusses recent oil well developments on the Monterey Shale, which stretches 1,750 square miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The area above this shale formation also happens to be some of the most fertile farming land in California. The situation arising out west is one that we cannot let happen in our home of North Carolina.

Dix Park Agreement Moves Forward

The city of Raleigh and the state legislature appear to have reached an initial compromise on the future of the Dorothea Dix campus property. The ongoing battle between the city and state focuses on the deal that was signed by former Governor Beverly Perdue, which leased the 325-acre property to the City of Raleigh for development into a ‘destination park.’ The original Senate Bill (SB334) on the issue would have dissolved the lease entirely, allowing the state to take back the property through condemnation powers. This was met with immediate threats of lawsuits, and so a rewritten version of the bill was passed unanimously yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee.