Congaree (Swamp) National Park

Event Date: 
Fri, Apr 05 8:00 to Sun, Apr 07 3:00

When: April 5 thru 7, 2013


Details: Congaree National (Swamp) Park.  Camp & Kayak.


            We are returning to Congaree for the April trip.  Earlier than April and you will miss flowers/birds.  Later than April and it is too buggy.  This is my fifth trip to Congaree but, to say that the trip is “scouted”, underestimates the complexity of the flood plain.  I rate the trip moderately strenuous for potential weather, water levels, insects and similar.  One of many info sites is  The trip is, by necessity, weather dependent.


This trip permits Friday night arrival, check with me for details.


            Congaree is a designated International Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of old growth flood plain forest in North America.  22,000 acres.  Thirty trees large enough to set national records.  Bald eagles, bobcats, wild pigs, migrating song birds and yes, snakes; ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and briars. 


            Friday early arrivals will do a 5 to 8 mile hike through the swamp.  We tent in a primitive site approximately 3/4s of a mile from the parking lot.  Saturday we access the swamp at the Cedar Creek put-in for a leisurely paddle down to but not in the Congaree River.  Water levels will determine exploration into the many sloughs.  No particular kayak skills are required.  There is little current in the swamp and water is rarely more than waist deep.  I have at least one and possibly two extra boats, and all gear that I will transport and share if you do not have a boat.


Group size is limited.  More information on the Sierra Club web page  $25 refundable-at-the-Visitor Center deposit required.


Location: Hopkins, SC.  20 miles southeast of Columbia, SC.


Contact Information: Jerry Weston most mornings or (home and checked in the afternoons before 5:00 p.m.) or

336-856-1431. Telephone calls before 9:00 PM please.