Duke University Sustainability Tour

Event Date: 
Sat, Sep 01
4:00 to 6:00

In 2009, Duke released a plan mapping its way to carbon neutrality by its 100-year anniversary in 2024 that includes mandatory LEED certification of new buildings, energy conservation, water conservation and reuse, transportation initiatives, and small-scale solar installations.

The tour will start with a brief overview at the Nicholas School of the Environment building (450 Research Drive, parking instructions to come!) and include walks to the new Nicholas School building (under construction), the West Campus steam plant that is currently being converted from coal to natural gas, a look at the fleet of Chevy Volts, and the new cistern that stores and reuses water runoff near the School of Engineering.

Duke Ecology Professor and Sierra Club member, Bob Healy, will lead the outing.

To RSVP, contact Carina Barnett-Loro at carina.barnett-loro@sierraclub.org.