Titan Cement

Titan is a fitting name for an industrial project that would have a potentially titanic negative
impact on the environment of Southeastern North Carolina. 
Titan America, parent company of Carolinas Cement LLC and part of the international Titan Cement Company based in Greece, wants to build a $450 million cement plant and limestone mining operation on approximately 3,300 acres along the Northeast Cape Fear River, north of Wilmington, North Carolina.
Celebrate 5 years of Fighting Titan by watching this video of a rally with over 250 citizens:

The Basics

Titan cement has proposed to build one of the largest cement plants in the country on the banks of the NE Cape Fear River. Cement production is one of the dirtier industrial processes, and is not a good fit for the Cape Fear Region.                                            

Frequently Asked Questions

What about air pollution?
How will Titan affect coastal wetlands?
What are the economic issues with Titan? 
You've got questions, we've got answers.  

What We Are Doing...

Whether it's educating the public or elected officials, the Sierra Club works closely with partners and citizns allies to create a positive vision of the future for the Cape Fear.                                              
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