Kayak With Candidates

Event Date: 
Sun, Aug 03
1:15 to 5:00

The Croatan Sierra club is holding a short paddle up the Neuse River and back on the afternoon of Sunday, August 3.  Departure has been set for 1:15PM.  Arrive early where Glenburnie Road meets the Neuse River with your canoe or kayak, paddle, and personal flotation device.  As we paddle past the marsh islands and up the short cypress-lined creeks on both sides of the river there will be time to discuss water quality issues, especially the impact of the Lee Coal Plant upstream in Goldsboro, which has been leaking toxic chemicals for decades.  Sierra Club lead lobbyist Cassie Gavin and endorsed General Assembly candidates Whit Whitley, Carr Ipock, and possibly others will be there to answer your questions and concerns about the environment.  You must sign a waiver to participate in this outing.  Bring your own water supply and environmental questions.  For more information and to register, contact Robert Scull at scull1453@gmail.com