New River State Park (Cliffview camp ground)

Event Date: 
Fri, Nov 29 4:00 to Sun, Dec 01 3:00

When: Friday-Sunday, November 29-December 1, 2013.

Details: New River State Park (Cliffview Camp Ground). Bike ‘n Hike camp trip.  Rated easy to moderate for the 31 mile distance on a rails-to-trails path/bike on Saturday.  Not scouted.  Here is a link to info

            Last December we camped at Foster Falls at the intersection of the New River and I-77.  We had a great time.  Saw an eagle.  We luckily went on the Festival of Lights weekend.  Sunday on our return home we took a short detour to “scout” Cliffview for a future trip.  This month we go to Cliffview.

            We will meet at Cliffview Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving.  This is a beautiful, shaded camp ground adjacent to the bike trail.  Late arrival is fine, as this is a car camp.  There is nowhere to paddle or hike except the route that we take on Saturday and check-in to your reserved camp site is not until 4:00 pm.  Each “site” will hold at least two tents, has a picnic table and fire ring.  There is a pit toilet adjacent.  Cost per site is $15.00 per night.

            We will eat dinner in town Friday evening and attend a blue grass show at the Galax Theatre ($5.00). 

Saturday breakfast will be in camp.  We will bike 15.5 miles to Fries for lunch in a local café.  We return to camp after lunch for a total of 31 miles for the day.  There are no plans at this point for Saturday night other than to enjoy the company of the group.

Sunday will be an up-and-out for a return home.  A quick breakfast in camp is an option or we may stop at a restaurant for brunch as a group.  We also have several choices for short hikes on the return trip.

A bike helmet is required by Sierra Club to participate.  You should be able to borrow a helmet if you do not have or cannot rent and want to participate.

Group size is limited.  More information on the Sierra Club web page 

Directions: Cliffview is located on the edge of Galax, VA.  About 1’ 45” from Greensboro.

More details upon inquiry.

Contact Information: Jerry Weston most weekday mornings or (home and checked in the afternoons around 4:00 p.m.) or

336-856-1431. Telephone calls before 9:00 PM please.