Upper Newport River Kayak Outing

Event Date: 
Sat, May 24
10:00 to 2:00

Like most rivers that flow entirely within the coastal plain, the Newport River in Carteret County meanders, alternating between light sandy and dark silty soils.  You will have to slide under or climb over the occasional fallen tree, depending upon the height of the river.  Most of this trip will be beneath a canopy of cheery spring foliage and if we are quiet we may see and hear beaver, turtles, deer, and a variety of birds.   The length of the trip will depend upon the tide and how much its rained recently further upstream in the headwaters within the Pocosin Wilderness Area of Croatan National Forest.  Bring your own kayak, personal flotation device, drinking water, and lunch.  Expect to get wet.  Intermediate experience is preferable.   A maximum of ten participants.   You must sign a waiver to participate.  For more information you must email Robert Scull to register at scull1453@gmail.com