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Environmentalists target Sutton Plant smokestacks, coal ash disposal in riverboat tour

The Port City Daily in Wilmington joined Sierrans, members of the Cape Fear River Watch, and Wilmington Water Tours on a boat trip to Duke Energy's Sutton Plant on the Cape Fear River.

Participants of the boat tour heard from many guests about the problems posed by the coal ash ponds that store the by-product of the more than 50 years of coal burning at the plant.  

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Study: Solar benefits outweigh costs in NC

North Carolinians could save $26 million a year if we added 500 megawatts of solar generation according to a study prepared by Crossborder Energy based in Berkley, Ca.

John Downey of the Charlotte Business Journal reported on the release and offered the following:

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UNC Student Coalition Continues Divest Push

The Charlotte Business Journal reports that the UNC Sierra Student Coalition will make its case for the university divesting it endowments from polluting companies.  From the article in today's issue:

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Wind Farms Take Root Out at Sea

From the New York Times - In a warehouse district on the outskirts of Bremen in northwestern Germany is a big, well-lighted work space dominated by the massive top section of a wind turbine called a nacelle. It is here that Siemens, the German power systems giant, trains new employees and gives refresher courses on how to work safely on modern windmills that can rise 90 meters, or about 300 feet, and weigh more than 100 tons.
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NC rising to top of list of states for solar investment

North Carolina has quietly become one of most interesting states for solar investment in the nation, according to a panel of experts speaking Thursday at the Energy Inc. Summit at the Charlotte Convention Center. Darren Van’t Hof, director of renewable-energy investments of US Bancorp, says North Carolina is the top state his bank is investing in. He says US Bancorp Community Development Corp.*, based in St. Louis, has $80 million to $100 million of investment approved for N.C. solar projects.
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