Feds say wind farms could work off Cape Fear coast

By Kate Elizabeth Queram Parcels of water off the North Carolina coast could be leased for offshore wind farming as early as 2014, though construction may not begin for up to five years after that, officials said Wednesday. "I think there will be offshore wind in North Carolina," Maureen Bornholdt, renewable energy program manager for the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, told a packed conference room at the Courtyard Marriott. "It's a matter of, in what area? That will morph depending on the type of comments we get and the ongoing discussions."
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Wind energy debate blows into Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management took public reaction to offshore wind energy coming to our area in a meeting tonight in Wilmington. There was a packed room of people talking turbines. While some supported the idea, others were not fans. Two of the three potential sites the bureau has identified on the North Carolina coast are in our area. One seven miles and one 13 miles south of Wilmington. The economic impact of wind energy was a major topic at the meeting.
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Editorial: North Carolina must keep pace with Virginia on wind energy

WS Journal - We’re fine in the sunshine. But when a windy day comes, Virginia may blow us away. North Carolina has made progress in solar energy production, positioning itself to profit from this burgeoning field. But Virginia is clearing the way for offshore wind energy projects. We’ve done comparatively little in that regard.
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Perdue lets sea-level bill become law

The Sierra Club also criticized Perdue over the sea-level bill, and for signing the other bills, singling out SB229 as “full of loopholes and benefits to polluters.” “All three measures primarily benefit developers at the expense of North Carolina’s taxpayers, who will end up paying more in the long run to deal with the increased costs of failing to address sea level rise as well as water pollution caused by poorly planned development,” said Molly Diggins, state director of the Sierra Club.
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