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Editorial: North Carolina must keep pace with Virginia on wind energy

WS Journal - We’re fine in the sunshine. But when a windy day comes, Virginia may blow us away. North Carolina has made progress in solar energy production, positioning itself to profit from this burgeoning field. But Virginia is clearing the way for offshore wind energy projects. We’ve done comparatively little in that regard.
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Offshore Wind Forum Opens Dialogue for Clean Coastal Energy

Carteret Community College will be the third educational institution in the state to host a community forum addressing the potential for offshore wind development in North Carolina. Other forums have been held at UNC Wilmington and UNC Chapel-Hill. Investment in offshore wind will generate local, renewable energy and create jobs.
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Offshore Wind Findings Highlight Potential for Economic Growth

The report released today by Governor Perdue’s Scientific Advisory Panel on Offshore Energy found that: “NC has the largest offshore wind resource on the East Coast;” and, “The offshore-wind industry may offer significant opportunities for renewable energy generation and for economic development and job creation. North Carolina’s extensive coastline and large offshore-wind resource appear to make it a prime area for offshore-wind development.” (p. 109) - Click here to read the full report.
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Offshore Wind Joins the Energy Debate

Marcilynn Burke, Acting Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Interior, will be making the opening remarks at the Offshore Wind Forum held at Meredith College tonight. Ms. Burke oversees the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which has jurisdiction over offshore wind development in federal waters. The first lease blocks off North Carolina’s coast may become available this year. Ms. Burke’s participation signals the viability of offshore wind to play a significant role in North Carolina’s energy future, and the coastal region has plenty of it. Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that North Carolina has the best offshore wind resources of any state on the East coast.
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Offshore Wind the Focus of Rally Before Public Hearing

As the Department of the Interior holds hearings on offshore drilling in Wilmington, community groups will show strong support for offshore wind. With North Carolina’s strong offshore wind resources and tourism industry, community leaders urge the government agency to abandon the prospects of drilling off the state’s coast and promote clean energy solutions.
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Offshore wind farms will be encouraged in tracts along the East Coast

By Peter Brannen, Published: July 23

The federal government is poised to auction to wind farm developers 2,434 square miles of the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean, which would allow wind farms to sprout 10 miles off the shores of six states, from Massachusetts to Virginia.






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