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Toxics and Solid Waste:
Solid Waste Management Act 2007

Our Position: support
Bill Number: S1492
Sponsor: Sen. Clodfelter (D-Mecklenburg)
Legislative Session: 2007

This bill prepares North Carolina for the "next generation of waste" -- making sure the State has the right policies in place to protect public health and the environment.

The most important overhaul of the state’s solid waste laws in two decades, SB1492 grew out of a year-long moratorium on new landfills enacted by the legislature last year in response to proposed mega-landfills in Camden, Columbus, Hyde and Richmond counties. As an added bonus, SB 1492 establishes the computer recycling program that we have been working with Sen. Janet Cowell on for two years.

S1492 reforms the solid waste landfill permitting process in a broad number of ways, including:

Ensures that new sanitary landfills will be environmentally sound.

Includes important new safeguards to protect drinking water supplies, wetlands, streams and sensitive public lands.

Closes the loophole that excludes publicly owned landfills from a state level environmental review, and creates a comparable, workable environmental review process for privately owned landfills.

Protects North Carolina’s investment in resources held in the public trust, including state parks and gamelands, as well as National Wildlife Refuges, by requiring buffers between landfills and special public places.

Encourages North Carolina’s growing recycling economy by directing tip fee revenues to local government recycling programs.

Creates an efficient and convenient computer collection and recovery system – at no charge to the consumer.

Protects taxpayers by requiring landfill applicants to demonstrate financial assurance, shielding the State from liability and costly litigation.


This bill, a major environmental victory, passed in the waning hours of session.


S 1492 reforms the solid waste landfill permitting process in a broad number of ways, including increasing financial assurances from landfill companies, requiring environmental review for siting landfills, establishing a 200 foot buffer from streams and wetlands, and other buffers from various public lands, requiring liners on construction/demolition landfills, capping landfill size, and implementing a $2.00 statewide tipping fee to provide funds to cleanup old contaminated dump sites, recycling programs and funds for companies that will not proceed with construction of new landfills.